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Self-Serve includes shampoo, conditioner, towels, shammy, scrubbies, brushes, canine dryers and aprons for you.

Prices for self-serve washes are based

on the weight of the dog/pet.

   Small pets up to 20 lbs: $12

   Medium pets 21-50 lbs: $15

   Large pets 51-75 lbs: $18

   Extra large pets 76-100 lbs: $20

   100 lbs and over: $25

Specialty Shampoos

Special shampoos may be required and there is an extra charge for them. The following shampoos will be offered at    $5 more in addition to the self-serve

wash cost:

   Flea and tick

   Medicated Oatmeal

   Odor Relief and Whitening

For our special mix of skunk/odor shampoo, it will be an additional $10.

Nail Trimming - $18

Call to determine Groomer availability. 


Three stainless steel tubs
Floor level tub is great for older dogs
Make it a family affair

Here's what to expect

All you need is to bring in your dirty or smelly dog!  We supply everything for you to wash your dog.


When you come in, we will have your bathing items by the tubs which include shampoo, conditioner, scrubbies and towels. 


No appointments are necessary for the self serve dog wash, however the last bath must begin one hour before closing.


We have 3 tubs at waist height in order to accommodate you and your pet.  Also, there is a walk-in-tub for dogs with hip dysplasia and torn ACL’s. Also it's convenient for older and larger dogs that need the room to be washed.


We have hand held sprayers and the water temperature is premixed to alleviate any uncomfortable temperature extremes. We have a selection of natural shampoos and conditioners and we even have aprons for you to keep dry.


After bathing, you will be able to begin the drying cycle by toweling off your pet with towels provided. Then move to the drying room to use the canine dryers, brushes and combs.

Cleanliness is important!

Cleanliness is important!

We at Paws To Wash, know cleanliness is very important. The tubs are sanitized after each wash and hair is removed from the tub.


Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick season lasts about 8 months. Therefore, in order to keep our facility flea and tick free, we need to be prudent in not introducing them to our store.


If you suspect your dog or cat has fleas, please do not bring them into the store until we can get them into a tub and begin the bath.  When in the tub, we will use our flea and tick shampoo to get rid of the insects.  The flea shampoo is a natural product with the main ingredient Neem. While it is a gentle shampoo for your dog, it is very effective in killing fleas and ticks.


In order to protect other customers, their pets and Paws To Wash from these pests, we require that the above protocol be followed or you will asked to leave.


Wash Incentives

Frequent Dog Washes


After 5 washes, the 6th wash is free!

Certified Service Dogs


Guide dogs, hearing, diabetic, etc.


Police Service Dogs


Free baths for our K-9 officers

Adopted Dogs

Bring in adoption paperwork within the first 3 months and the first bath is FREE! Our thanks to you for saving a canine life.

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